Denise Craib

Hi, my name is Denise Craib and I am the current secretary for Aberdeen Snowsports Club.   The short answer of why I decided to apply for this position is….for the kids!  My kids train with ASC and like all of the trainees we coach are exceptionally passionate when it comes to skiing!   It’s wonderful as a parent and as a ASC volunteer to see these kids get so enthusiastic about grass roots sport, especially in the age where real social interactions often take a back seat to their virtual cousins.   

Many of our trainees have big dreams; enormous gold medal shaped dreams; and are hugely motivated, hard working kids.   The ASC committee want to help all of our trainees to follow their dreams in this sport for as long as they want to.    With ASC, trainees will learn their aerials from their alpine.  Their slalom from their schussing and everything in between.    They can take inspiration from our great coaching staff as well as inspiring each other.       As a volunteer, a ASC committee member and a parent to two snow sports crazy children it’s a real privilege to see these kids fall in love with this sport and take it further.