Abbie Harkness

How I Started

Hi I’m Abbie Harkness, I’m 13 and I’ve been a member of Aberdeen Snowsports Club since 2011. 

I am proud to ski for Aberdeen Snowsports Club and the freestyle scene is fun. Sometimes it can be hard when there aren’t as many girls training as boys but I’ve learnt to cope with it by focusing and trying to be at the same level as them. 

I started skiing at the age of 4 after constantly asking my parent when I was 3, when can start skiing. Once I completed all the levels through the ski centres learning program I enjoyed club nights and races but found I enjoyed the Freestyle more than racing. 


Doing freestyle is a great release from school work. I love pushing myself to do different tricks.  

When I train on a Wednesday night with the centre or Friday night with the club I enjoy working with the coaches and my friends. The great thing about these nights is we encourage each other to go that step further. Quite often if one of us managed a new level of trick it pushes others to go for it with their new tricks.  

I have competed in many Slopestyle competitions and am currently the Female Triple Crown Champion. I also finished 3rd place in the Secondary school champs and helped my school win the School title.  

My favourite slope to compete at is Bearsden in Glasgow which has a great jump and landing that is different to the one in Aberdeen. My favourite for rails is Braehead also in Glasgow 

Things I love best about Slopestyle/Freestyle is going big on the jumps and landing spins. I also enjoy going on rails. 

When I was learning all this the scariest thing was jumping onto rails with skis but I now really enjoy it. What I’ve learnt is not to be scared to try anything. In the last 2 years I’ve learnt so much which is helped by not having too much fear but I have also had a few bruises along the way. Recently I have just managed a 720 of the kicker (a 720 is 2 full rotations in the air).  

My Training

My training isn’t just about the skiing I have been doing trampolining and strength and conditioning as well as Snowboarding. 

My snowboarding is a great tool to work on balance as well as control but uses the muscles differently to skiing which is good for my strength. 

I hope in the near future to make it into the home nations Park and Pipe squad then continue beyond that to World Cup competitions followed by the Olympics and X-games.