Fin Bremner

How I Started

I started snowboarding when I was 9 after I had a tubing party for my birthday, which coincided with one of the freestyle sessions on a Friday night at the time. I spend half of the time watching the guys rip around and doing ’stunts’ rather than dong what my parents had booked my party for which I’m sure they weren’t over the moon about. From there my parents booked me into a taster where I really enjoyed the environment and booked me into my first block of lessons. I never took to it naturally very well but I’ve always been a very driven and the holy grail became making it to the ‘big slope’. 

Involvement With The Club

I’ve been involved with the club from the winter of 2009/10 where we used to take the club bus up for going to rip around the various different Scottish resorts. My very first season pass was payed for by a fund raising bag packing in Asda when was 10 and then we used to go up every weekend no matter the weather. I did this for the next 2 years before I started to need to travel abroad more and more for the level of riding I was doing. I now help coach the snowboard side of the club when I can, which is greats I really enjoy passing on some of the knowledge and expertise I’ve gained over the years. 

How I Improved

My main drive for my improvement was my love for the sport. Pretty soon after I began snowboarding I know that I was something I wanted to do as much as possible and I’ve been super lucky to have people around me that were and still are willing to help me do that. When I got to a level where I was able to attend the Sunday morning club sessions I used to do the sessions in the morning and then stay with my friends until the centre closed. There was a good group of us that used to love snowboarding and skiing so from there it progressed to both days of a weekend all day, on top of our Wednesday rippers sessions. I used to come down on a Monday and Friday myself to just work on what I’d been sent away to work on by the coaches at the club who were always really supportive and created and environment for me where I thrived. I specifically remember one summer holidays that I rode every single day whatever the weather and the hours that I put in in on board definitely helped my riding. 

Where Am I Now

Now I am member of the GB Park & Pipe A team and have just completed my first injury free season in 3 years. I feel that there is a lot of areas that I haven’t explored within snowboarding like street snowboarding and backcountry riding. These are areas that I’d love to spend more time in as well as continuing to push on harder to become a successful competitive snowboarder. I also try and stay as involved as I can with the club by helping out with coaching over the off season. Myself and Andrew Budge who was also heavily involved with the club at a similar age have also started a snowboard retail store where we make exclusive offers for club members, and will go the extra mile to source any equipment any members may be after for the season, check us out at