Scott Goodman

I’m a Subsea Engineer who coaches skiing in my spare time. I got into skiing as a kid by going to after school lessons and summer camps at my local dryslope, Hillend. I went on a school ski trip and was lucky enough to get sponsored by the holiday company to do my instructor qualifications while in high school. I then used my qualification (BASI lvl 2) to work part time at the dry slope while at University at RGU. I took up racing/freestyle with the uni snowsports club and competed at the Scottish and British University Championships.  Over lockdown I’ve gotten into ski touring and love the ability to use skills from both freestyle and racing to get creative when skiing all over the mountain.  Outside of skiing, I’ve played a lot of other sports such as rugby, golf and ice skating to name a few, and it’s definitely helped me become a more well rounded athlete. My top tip is to try as many different sports as possible and do things which put you outside your comfort zone.