Terms & Conditions

In General

All those who undertake coaching with Aberdeen Snowsports Club must be fully paid up registered members who on receipt of coaching will have agreed to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of service, which together with our privacy policy, code of conduct, dangerous sport waiver, medical consent form,…. Shall govern Aberdeen Snowsports Club relationship with its members and those wishing to become members. 


All Aberdeen Snowsports Club members and those wishing to become members must ensure that they as trainees or guardians/ parents of trainees who are under the age of 18 have valid Aberdeen Snowsports Club membership for the current year.   Invoices for membership must be paid and contact details must be kept up to date for Aberdeen Snowsports Club to transfer membership to the intended party/parties.  

Acceptable Use

All Aberdeen Snowsports Club members and those wishing to become members must consent to our extensive code of conduct for athletes, parents and guardians of athletes who are under the age of 18.   Misuse of equipment as well as disruptive, bullying and dangerous behaviours will result in the immediate withdrawal of Aberdeen Snowsports Club membership and our coaching programme. 

Members must acknowledge and adhere to the safety rules for the sport and for use of equipment at Adventure Aberdeen Snowsports Centre as available on our dangerous sport waiver.   Aberdeen Snowsports Club accepts no responsibility for injuries incurred before, during or after our coaching sessions if the person or persons involved are behaving in such a way as to disregard safety instructions given by Aberdeen Snowsports Club coaching staff or from Aberdeen Snowsports Club Committee members or those acting for Aberdeen Snowsports Club in a voluntary capacity or staff at facilities hired by Aberdeen Snowsports Club in order to deliver coaching to our members. 

Aberdeen Snowsports Club accepts no responsibility for damage or theft of equipment and belongings left unattended at any of the facilities or venues hired to provide coaching to our members.  

All Aberdeen Snowsports Club members and those wishing to become members must accept and sign the terms in our medical consent form and in doing so must warrant a mutual understanding that such medical information that is pertinent for the continuing safety of members undertaking training will be kept up to date and the member or guardian of a member under the age of 18 will inform Aberdeen Snowsports Club of any changes by emailing the club at aberdeensnowsportsclub@gmail.com 

No member shall come to coaching within 48 of recovery of illness.   Aberdeen Snowsports Club, as an affiliated member with Snowsports Scotland, will adhere to all government guidelines in relation to the current and continuing Covid pandemic.    Information collected on entry to any venue used by Aberdeen Snowsports Club for coaching and activities is kept complying with information requests from the track and protect scheme which is currently active in Scotland.  

Intellectual Property

All Aberdeen Snowsports Club members shall complete the media, photography and filming consent form and must give notice to the club should members change their position and revise their position giving consent for themselves or members who are under the age of 18  to be photographed and filmed for purposes of education, marketing and promotion by Aberdeen Snowsports Club.   


Aberdeen Snowsports Club shall use ClassForKids to offer places for Aberdeen Snowsports Club coaching programme.   Please note that a member’s place will not be confirmed in our system until payment has been received and a conformation been communicated to the member.    

Credits will be given for any class or activity which has to be cancelled by Aberdeen Snowsports Club for reasons such as extreme bad weather and minimum numbers not achieved.     Such will be communicated to the members affected via their contact email or mobile phone number.  

Aberdeen Snowsports Club will not issue refunds for sessions missed due to illness or scheduling conflicts.   

Any refunds issued from Aberdeen Snowsports Club will only be given at the end of the current block of lessons and will be based on individual circumstances and have the agreements of the Aberdeen Snowsports Club committee.