Tune in to tune up your skis ! 

Edge Tune Equipment 

“Ski tuning is a critical part of ski racing to ensure you get the absolute best not just out of your racing, but also your training. Heard that term ‘train like you race’?”  

Tuning will help keep skis in tip-top condition ensuring you will get the best out of your training. Regular tuning will also mean that it will be a lot easier to get them race ready!

Aberdeen Snowsports club will be running tuning clinics and oversee tuning for competition to ensure all participants get the most out of their training, we also offer a race tune service to ensure all athletes have FAST “Full Aberdeen ski tune”  skis for all competitions.

Another advantage of regular tuning means they may be sold or passed onto siblings to assist in managing some of the large costs involved in this sport.

​All athletes will require a ski tuning kit. All tools and wax can be purchased at online shops or local ski shops such as Craigdon, Edge Snowsports, Malcolm McKey. The club will be looking to purchase equipment for training and at events along the lines iron, vices, brushes, file kit, benches & relevant tools or for use by coaches to do demos.

Ski tuning kits should include the following however if you are feeling overwhelmed by this list we are here to help you: 

  • ​Diamond files: black 100, red 200, yellow 400 
  • Racing file: 1st or 2nd cut 
  • Brushes: bronze or combo bronze, horsehair or fine nylon 
  • Side edge file gauge: 87/ 3 degree or 88 or 2 degree 
  • Base edge file gauge: 1 or 0.7 degree 
  • Spring clamp for edge file 
  • Fibertex or scotchbrite fine pads 
  • Sidewall planer 
  • Tools for boots, skis and helmets: Allen keys, screwdrivers etc 
  • Brake retainers: thick rubber bands 
  • Wax scrapers: plastic x 2 
  • Wax: -10 – 0 degrees in red and purple 

For skis that require a regrind or major overhaul, Craigdon, Edge Snowsports, Aberdeen Snowsports Centre