Lynne Addison

Hello, My name is Lynne Addison and I am the Membership Secretary at Aberdeen Snowsports Club. My association with the club is through my son who moved through the lessons at the Snowsports Centre and into our Club Racing Coaching. Any club relies on support of our members and so I have helped at Ski Mart along with my son and at our hut with refreshments but this year I felt I could take on a more active role. It has been a really good experience and I would encourage everyone to get involved. We are a very sociable and supportive committee and club. Don’t be afraid to get involved if you are the parent of a skier and not a skier yourself, you will learn so much more about the sport and there is always someone to explain everything to you. It has been a really invaluable experience for me. Membership has so many benefits you can find them on the membership page